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A Brief History of Canadian Tire Bank/Corporation and its Operations

The Canadian Tire Bank is under the financial services arm of the Canadian Tire Corporation. Canadian Tire Bank’s key business operation involves marketing the Canadian Tire Options MasterCard portfolio to their customers. The Bank is estimated to be servicing over four (4) million cardholders, ensuring that the Options MasterCard is globally accepted and accessible. The Canadian Tire Bank Options MasterCard is globally accepted and can be used in more than 24 million locations. Additionally, the Bank also offers some optional products such as the Identity Watch Classic and the Identity Watch Elite. They both serve as security tools to help customers protect and monitor their accounts and cards. The Canadian Tire Bank prides itself with providing customers with quality services that would positively impact their lives. Their motto is to keep “Customers for Life”.

Canadian tire bank

The parent company of the Bank which is the Canadian Tire Corporation is a huge retail company. They sell varieties of automotive hardware including sports, leisure and home products. It is one of Canada’s largest automotive retailers and they also operate a very large car repair garage within each shop. With its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. The Canadian Tire Bank offers Canada’s oldest and most popular loyalty program known as Canadian Tire Money. It was first introduced in 1958 and rewards customers with 0.4% of initial purchase which can be spent on all Canadian Tire stores and gas stations.

With the Canadian Tire Online store, customers could order goods online and have it delivered directly to their home.

Canadian Tire Bank Options MasterCard

The Canadian Tire Options MasterCard is a no annual fee, instant reward card which gives customers the opportunity to collect 10X Canadian Tire money (from the loyalty program). Anytime a cardmember uses the Options MasterCard at any Canadian Tire store including for automotive services, Sport Chek, Mark’s and PartSource, they get rewarded. Then, other benefits include 24/7 support, swift and easy check out with tap-to-pay technology, instant eStatement notifications and convenient online access to your account.

Canadian Tire Financial Services

The Canadian Tire Financial Services (CTFS) covers sells insurance and warranty product to customers. They also operate a roadside assistance/emergency service nationwide. The CTFS covers all financial operations of the corporation including the Banking services. The MasterCard portfolio of the company was launched in 1995 via CTFS. As at then, Canadian Tire was the only non-deposit financial institution with a MasterCard.

Canadian tire bank

Canadian Tire credit card application

Applying for a Canadian Tire Credit Card is very easy, all you have to do is visit the Canadian Tire card application portal by following the link here. It takes approximately 5mins to complete and submit your application form. You’ll be required to provide some basic info about yourself including social security number and employment/financial info. At the end, if your application is approved, you’ll receive a follow-up mail within 7-10 working days.

Then also, aside from the Options MasterCard, the Canadian Tire Bank offers other credit card products like the Gas Advantage MasterCard and the Cash Advantage MasterCard. Both also offer special benefits to users. To check out each benefit of the individual cards, visit the Canadian Tire Website by clicking on the link here. You can also compare each card’s benefits to know which best suits you.

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