The Brexit Consequences on the UK/World’s Economy

Brexit consequences

Introduction The Brexit consequences on the global economy have been a major topic of debate both before the EU referendum on the UK and now after the Brexit vote. Economists and concerned individuals have spoken out some in favor and…


Navient Student Loan: Navient student loan forgiveness | Navient Lawsuits

Navient Student Loan

The Navient student loan is made available to students, parents or relatives of students and all creditworthy persons. Navient student loans are provided either via federal government funds or through private funding. They are different types of student loans and…


The Sallie Mae Student Loan and Scholarship offers | Sallie Mae bank

sallie mae

The Sallie Mae student loan is a private student loan aid for students struggling to afford their college tuition. The loan is available to undergraduates, graduates, business and health-related profession students. Parents, relatives, and any other creditworthy person can also…