Online Brokers – Best Online Brokers for Small Investors and Beginners

A stockbroker is a licensed individual or firm who trade on stocks and numerous other securities in the stock market. Online brokers are those who trade these securities via online platforms. Before now, investing in stocks was really tedious, one…


Cryptocurrency : What is Cryptocurrency Mining and How Cryptocurrency Works


Cryptocurrency was borne out of the need for a digital currency. Basically, cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses strong encryption techniques to regulate how the currency is being generated and also verify the transfer of funds. All these are…


Nigerian Stock Exchange : What are the function and objectives of Nigerian stock exchange?

Nigerian stock exchange

The Nigerian stock exchange provides the platform for buyers and sellers to deal on stocks. It was founded in 1960 as Lagos stock exchange but was renamed to Nigerian stock exchange in 1977. The Nigerian stock exchange (NSE) is regulated…