Mortgage Lenders- Best Mortgage Lenders for First-Time Home Buyers

mortgage lenders

Getting the right mortgage lenders as a first-timer is crucial and most times proves to be a very tough challenge. The decision to purchase your first home is truly a bold step for anyone. It’s an exciting prospect but you…


Mortgage rates : Fixed or Adjustable Mortgage Rates which is better for you?

mortgage rates

Simply put, mortgage rates are the interest generated from your mortgage and are usually determined by your lender. They are two types of mortgage rates, the fixed mortgage rate and the variable mortgage rate. It is not unusual for mortgage…


Mortgage Pre-approval – Mortgage Pre-qualification | Mortgage Approval Process

Mortgage Pre-approval

Mortgage pre-qualification and Mortgage pre-approval process determines if a borrower meets a lender’s requirements for a home loan. This should be the first thing every home buyer should do. To protect yourself from unnecessary heartbreak, it’s best to get pre-approved…